​Planting One Million Acres Worldwide, One Backyard Patch at a time using Locally Sourced Seed for Native Pollinator Habitat Restoration​

Each Seed Pack has its own "Patch Tag" Code

Plant your patch on our Patch Map and track our progress towards 1 million acres worldwide. Upload pics of pollinators at work, site prep, or native plants in bloom.

Assembling a pollinator Patch Network

Partners & Stakeholders


  • Concerned Citizens
  • Land STewards
  • BioDiversity Conservation Trusts
  • Local Seed Producers
  • Local governments
  • neonicotinoid refuges
  • ​edge habitat
  • Integrated pest management
  • habitat corridors
  • conservation easements

​​Welcome to Pollinatorpatch.com

Native Pollinator Habitat Restoration--

One Backyard Patch at a Time

Pollinators are essential ecosystem service providers who urgently need our help!  Our Goal is to plant one million acres of restored, enhanced, and newly created native pollinator habitat. 

We work with local seed providers to produce and direct ship to your mailbox native pollinator seed mixes, tailored specifically for your backyard's eco-region.